Throwin Stones Media Inc. is your one stop for all medias!
From television and radio to photography and web design. We offer a wide range of professional services, as well as our own original material and projects.
About Throwin Stones Media Inc.

We are different than your average media company, call us a cornucopia of creativity, we have taken professionals from all different aspects of business, marketing and production to aid you in your next endeavor.

The internet is a completely different beast than it was ten years ago, the average user has now become a media mogul able to decide when, where and how they will get their content! From cellphones and satellite radio to the actual computer Throwin Stones Media is dedicated to providing a fresh approach to media marketing and entertainment. Throwin Stones Media Inc has a wonderful team of creative professionals to assist you from concept to creation. These new media outlets are hot and are low cost, effective marketing tools given even more weight by search engines and page ranking systems.

Many people get intimidated at the idea of creating a viral video, web series, website, writing a movie/television script or the thought of launching a social marketing campaign. Let our professionals help you! We will help you with everything, from writing the marketing plan or script, to manifesting the project! We provide ease of access, understanding and education to help you become the internet media pioneer that you need to be in today's digital age. With Throwin Stones Media Inc, we always hit our mark!



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