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Social Media Personalization

Social Media is one of the biggest branding outlets out there, but most companies and businesses don't utilize even one tenth of the possibilites these sites have to offer. Take a look at the visitors stats for the following five social sites all the numbers reflect users per day:

Facebook: 515 Million



Myspace: 185 Million



Twitter: 175 Million


LinkedIn: 80 Million



Youtube: 2 Billion videos uploaded a day and 24 hours worth of video uploaded per minute


Now imagine the possibilities! But how do you get your brand out there? Page customization of course! Twitter, Myspace, and Youtube allow for custom logos, and a whole range of branding possibilities. Facebook, Twitter are great if you are business to customer or business to business, Myspace has recently tailored their format to bands and musicians, LinkedIn is fabulous if you are B2B or looking to network with other professionals and Youtube is a great alternative to the same old advertising venues. Viral videos actually sell things faster than advertising on television and it's free or nearly free!!

Be sure to stay with the times or take a gigantic leap forward by investing some time and money into creating a solid social media presence.

Throwin Stones Media Inc offers the following:

Creation of a social media marketing plan

Brand Campaign through social media outlets

Custom design and graphics for social media sites

Social Media intergration on websites

An easy way to update all of your social media sites at once!