Throwin Stones Media Inc. is your one stop for all medias!
From television and radio to photography and web design. We offer a wide range of professional services, as well as our own original material and projects.
Video Production/Editing

We offer help on all stages of production, from scripting and filming to editing and packaging Throwin Stones Media wants to help you realize your vision. Whether you ask us to consult or take a more hands on approach by filming, or editing we are there to aid you! What most people don't realize is the technology that the professionals use has caught up to the everyday consumer, meaning you can create what looks like a big budget ad or movie on the cheap. Let our professionals help you understand where the technology is today and how to use it to your benefit!

Throwin Stones Media works with cutting edge editing systems and our professionals are adept in Final Cut Pro, Vegas, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere. We love working one on one with our clients, and giving that needed personal time to develop a relationship, and understand your material so that the finished product is true to you!

Throwin Stones Media Inc also offers workshops and one on one classes in the following:

Final Cut Pro


Adobe After Effects

Documentaries 101

Adobe Premiere


If you are interested in any of the classes listed please contact us through the Get a Quote form on the right side bar. We offer classes both online and in person!

  • Final Cut Pro Essentials
  • Documentaries 101